Hurricane Harvey Help

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th near Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 hurricane with windspeeds up to 130 mph. Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas has given an early estimate of up to $180 billion as being its total cost.
All of us want to help. If you are looking for ways to give, here is a link which gives vetted charities which will take your monetary donations:
Some of us choose to help in other ways. If you are interested in going to Texas and helping out, please register with community and faith-based organizations working in the field. This website can help you connect:
Juli, our founder, has found a unique way to help, connecting lost pets to their owners. She is volunteering with We all know that micro-chips help. I had my cat Ella returned to me after she had been missing for 11 months. What a way for S&G to help! Find your niche. Give where you can. Do what you can.
This article put together with help from: The Weather Channel, The Independent, and websites linked to in the article.

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