I Believe

Everyone has the right to information about their family members and who they are.  This includes medical history, ethnic background, etc.

Secrecy implies shame. An adoption in the family is nothing to be ashamed of.  I believe in openness in adoption.

Adoptees have the right to have answers to their questions, know the first chapter of their story and understand why they were placed for adoption.

Birth mothers and fathers have the right to know what became of the child they gave up. They have questions they would like answered too.

– Juli Claussen

4 Responses to I Believe

  1. I was adopted and found my birth history. I actually did it when records were still sealed in Illinois, although now they are open. I have a friend I am trying to help but she was born in New York. Looks like those records are still closed. Do you have any names of people that still might be able to help? She has spotty records so I’m finding it more challenging but I’d like to help make this happen for her. Thank you, ahead of time, for any information you can give to help.


    • Hi Mary,
      It is wonderful that you learned your history despite all the obstacles placed in your path. If your friend was born in one of the New York City boroughs there are some tricks that often work to gain information. I can email you with the details if this applies to your friend. If not, things are still very locked down in NY state, but there are efforts underway to make access to records legal in the state. Hopefully it will not be much longer before the archaic rules about keeping everything secret are done away with.

  2. I was adopted in 1948 in New York. I have found birth mothers name but have not yet found her or any siblings. I have registered with ancestory. found a third cousin who was also adopted so she does not have any information to help me. I probably am too old to have a living mother, but, maybe a sibling. hopefully th ny records will be opened. It is so unfair to all of us.

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