“This is absolutely incredible!!! We are so excited about all you’ve discovered! My mom had no idea where her middle name Belle originated. It is so neat to see that her dad’s aunt was named Dora Belle. We are forever grateful for the eloquent family journey you composed and all of the documents. It’s more than we could have ever hoped for. Erin has been filling in our tree on Ancestry based on the tree you created. It’s amazing to finally be able to see where my grandfather came from! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have a true gift and talent! Again, we can’t thank you enough!!!”

– Ryan & Erin

“After learning what became of his grandmother missing since 1944 and putting him in touch with her family:  “Great work! You have made such a difference to my family! …I thank you!  It was fantastic and life-changing work that you did.”

– Martin Bach

“What a blessing your research has been!  Thanks for your kind spirit, resourcefulness and professionalism!  In gratitude…”

– James Simmons, Monmouth, OR

“From the daughter of an elderly adoptee, whose biological sister was located despite a very challenging search: “We are very grateful that you had the knowledge and skill needed to access the right resources and quickly locate Dad’s sister. Otherwise our search would have taken years instead of a few months, and she may never have been found.”

-Anne Rhinesmith

From a father reunited with his adult son, last seen when he was age 2:  “As you can see we have made some good steps toward a good relationship… how much I appreciate you and the work you do.  I know God has a special place prepared for people like you who bring broken families together again.”

– Donald Smith

From a woman whose birth parents had been absent for many years, and who was terminally ill. This was a pro bono search:  “Had a reunion and it was the best with my bio parents. I am headed to hospice this week but I wanted to thank you so much, you closed a huge whole in my heart. God bless you.”

– Debbie Lewis