“After learning what became of his grandmother missing since 1944 and putting him in touch with her family:  “Great work! You have made such a difference to my family! …I thank you!  It was fantastic and life-changing work that you did.”

– Martin Bach

“What a blessing your research has been!  Thanks for your kind spirit, resourcefulness and professionalism!  In gratitude…”

– James Simmons, Monmouth, OR

“From the daughter of an elderly adoptee, whose biological sister was located despite a very challenging search: “We are very grateful that you had the knowledge and skill needed to access the right resources and quickly locate Dad’s sister. Otherwise our search would have taken years instead of a few months, and she may never have been found.”

-Anne Rhinesmith

From a father reunited with his adult son, last seen when he was age 2:  “As you can see we have made some good steps toward a good relationship… how much I appreciate you and the work you do.  I know God has a special place prepared for people like you who bring broken families together again.”

– Donald Smith

From a woman whose birth parents had been absent for many years, and who was terminally ill. This was a pro bono search:  “Had a reunion and it was the best with my bio parents. I am headed to hospice this week but I wanted to thank you so much, you closed a huge whole in my heart. God bless you.”

– Debbie Lewis