Reunion: Debbie Finds her Brother

Debbie and Dave Meet for the First Time


Sometimes it is really quick and easy to find that person you’ve been searching for many years. Debbie is an adoptee who wanted to find her biological brother who was, like her, given up for adoption. Because his was a Chicago, Illinois adoption and I have some really great resources for solving Illinois cases, we located her brother very quickly. They had such a joyous reunion. Look how much they resemble each other! Nothing makes me happier than this.

Debbie said, “My wonderful Search Angels helped me find my full birth brother! We met on April 18th! Thank you again Juli Claussen!! Our hearts grow stronger every day and we have many years to catch up on. We talk everyday! After 53 years we are a family again !!!!

Testimonials: Anne Rhinesmith

From the daughter of an elderly adoptee, whose biological sister was located despite a very challenging search: “We are very grateful that you had the knowledge and skill needed to access the right resources and quickly locate Dad’s sister. Otherwise our search would have taken years instead of a few months, and she may never have been found.”

-Anne Rhinesmith

Testimonial: Elaine Miller, Tucson, AZ

From the daughter of an adoptee whose late birth mother was identified and living siblings found:

“Juli, what you have done will be remembered in my heart always! This has been a wonderful journey and I feel so blessed that you were a part of it…Thank you.”
        – Elaine Miller, Tucson, AZ

Testimonial: Jay Edwards, Kansas City, MO

From an adoptee whose birth mother was found:

“Thank you for your wonderful help, I really appreciate the effort you must have made. I was somewhat shocked at how fast and final the missing information came after several months of searching…I will recommend you highly. Thank you for your help and support through all of this.”
                         – Jay Edwards, Kansas City, MO