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What Makes Us Different?

9 Reasons to Hire Search & Genealogy Services

1. Strong reputation. We value trust, honesty and hard work. I dedicate time to volunteer work. I will be frank with you if I am not the best person to do your search. Our hearts are in the right place.

2. Skills and experience. I’ve been a Search Professional for 15 years and Genealogist for 35 years. I have a Bachelors of Science in Social Work.

3. Since 2000, I have been reuniting adoptees, birth mothers, siblings, birth fathers, researching absent fathers and anyone who has been separated by adoption or other family separations.

4. Empathy, emotional support, understanding of the dynamics (I’m an adoptive mother and sister; I am an award-winning social worker: Alumni of the Year, SIU Social Work Dept, 1994). I am sensitive to and respectful of the feelings and wishes of each party in the adoption triad. I am committed—not only to helping bring families together but also, to accomplishing this in a compassionate, caring way to ensure the best possible reunion experience.

5. I have all 3 members of the adoption triad represented on my team – birth mother, adoptee, and adoptive family.

6. Record of success. I have a long history of successful searches – 95% of the time, I find the person.

7. This is my calling – I love this work and that means I want to do excellent work. It is my genuine desire to help people that has led me to become a search professional. It gives me great joy to see family members reunited and to finally have closure after what may have been years of searching.

8. Here is your opportunity to learn about and reconnect (if desired) with family. Never give up. Be persistent. I have witnessed the most impossible searches end in reunions.

9. Your search will be held confidential. I offer intermediary services for first contact, when desired.