What We Offer


Missing Heirs and Next of Kin

I can map out the family of the deceased and find the surviving family members, providing you with a detailed heirship report. This includes owners of mineral rights or and and their heirs. Our clients include estate attorneys, heir search companies, and energy companies. More missing heir search information is available here.

Missing People Searches

Are you searching for your family member or friend? If so, let me help you find and learn about that person who is important to you. Are you an attorney seeking a witness who has relocated? Do you need updated contact information on a business or personal associate? I can help.

Adoption Searches

It is my privilege to help reconnect those separated by adoption. I have a very high success rate — up to 95%. I’ve helped countless adoptees and biological family members learn about and connect with family members. Furthermore, it is my experience that most people in adoption searches want to be found. It is my privilege to help reconnect those separated by adoption. With empathy and respect, I will go above and beyond to solve the mysteries.  In addition, adoption search information is available here.

Transcription of Old-Style Handwriting

After 40 years of practice I’ve become quite skilled at reading old handwriting and I can transcribe documents and letters for you – even writing on the back of family photos–quickly. Even if it looks illegible due to fading, let me give it a try. Faded writing can often be enhanced with image editing software. There is never a charge if I am unsuccessful.

Record Retrieval and Research

Document retrieval and record research is offered at the Jackson, Union, Williamson, Randolph, Washington and Perry County, Illinois courthouses, the Illinois Regional Archive Depository at Carbondale, The Jackson County Historical Society Library, The Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois collection, Brehm Library in Mt. Vernon, and the Southern Illinois regional newspaper archive on the campus of Southern Illinois University. Let me help you locate the genealogical documents you need with skills honed over 35 years. In addition, genealogical resources are available here.

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