What We Offer


Title Searches

Do you need a title search? We can perform a thorough title search, and help provide you with clarity and peace of mind. We have the skills and resources to get the job done right.

Document and Record Retrieval

We offer document retrieval at a variety of courthouses, newspaper archives and genealogy libraries across the US. Just ask if what you need is in our service area.

Adoption Searches

I have a very high success rate — up to 95%. I’ve helped countless adoptees and biological family members learn about and connect with family members. Furthermore, it is my experience that most people in adoption searches want to be found. It is my privilege to help reconnect those separated by adoption. With empathy and respect, I will go above and beyond to solve the mysteries.  In addition, adoption search information is available here.

Missing People Searches

Are you searching for your family member or friend? If so, let me help you find and learn about that person who is important to you.

Missing Heirs and Next of Kin

I can map out the family of the deceased and find the surviving family members, providing you with a detailed heirship – kinship report. Our clients include those who work in legal, court, bank and medical examiner offices. In addition, missing heir search information is available here.

Mineral Owner Searches

If you are a Landman, allow me to search for your missing mineral owners or land owners and heirs. We have the resources to perform mineral owner searches quickly and efficiently. Therefore, I will save you time and money.

Family History

Let me help you discover, share and preserve your family heritage with skills honed over 35 years. In addition, genealogical resources are available here.