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Juli Claussen

Juli is a search professional and genealogist with 35 years of experience in genealogical research and 15 years working with the oil and gas industry and locating missing heirs for attorneys and other professionals. Hers is an award winning small business. She volunteers her services finding families of terminally ill patients, researching police officers killed in the line of duty long ago for nomination to state and national memorials, and reuniting families for those who are low income. She and her husband have two grown sons and enjoy living in rural Southern Illinois.

Juli Claussen – Credentials, Professional Achievements & Memberships

  • Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.
  • 2015 Recipient of Connect SI/AT&T “Smart Broadband for Small Business” grant award, which recognizes micro-enterprises doing unique, innovative, and compelling business applications.
  • Life member of the Jackson County Historical Society.
  • Member of the Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois.
  • Past member in good standing of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Daniel Brush Chapter.
  • Specialized genealogical training received through countless workshops, classes and conferences. 35 years experience in genealogy, primarily self-taught. Continually study and adhere to the highest accepted professional genealogy standards.
  • Proficient in the use of genealogical software programs.
  • Frequent speaker at local and regional genealogy society programs.
  • Trained for adoption searches under the late Edward “Mike” Egan, the premier Illinois adoption search professional.
  • Bachelors degree in Social Work, Southern Illinois University, 1982.
  • Recipient of the 1994 Alumni of the Year Award, Social Work, Southern Illinois University.
  • Featured in article entitled “History Detective”, Southern Illinoisan, 2006; picked up by other newspapers throughout the Midwest.
  • Featured in article entitled “Priceless Family Heirlooms Returned”, Southern Illinoisan, 2000.
  • Featured in article entitled “Mayday Off the Coast of North Korea”, Southern Illinoisan, 2000.
  • Search Angel volunteer; Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness volunteer.

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