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Missing Heir or Next of Kin Searches:

We assist heir-search companies, attorneys, estate administrators, banks and medical examiner offices. We can map out the family of the deceased and find the missing heirs and surviving family members, providing you a detailed heirship report with supporting documentation or a quick report summary, depending on your needs. We have successfully traced all living heirs of individuals who have died in the mid-1800s. We often find people after private investigators have failed.

We are fast and efficient as well as affordable! Whether you need to find one person or hundreds, we can handle it. Your first search is offered at No Find – No Fee. Contact us.

Mineral Owner Searches:

You are free to focus on what you do best while an expert completes the searches quickly, affordably, and confidentially, providing all the documentation you need. Avoid expensive day rates. We can track royalty, mineral and interest owners from patent date forward. No more “address unknown” for your pooling hearings. We have access to the best people-search databases, the same ones used by private detectives. We’ve located living mineral and land owners missing since 1930, heirs from the mid-1800s forward, and have found people frequently after private investigators have failed. If you are a landman or running title, we can map out the family of the deceased, identify the heirs and locate surviving family members and provide a detailed heirship report if desired. We help you ensure payments are made to the correct mineral owners and avoid penalties.

My skilled team can handle searches for one person or 300. We work quickly and in most cases find mineral owners and/or heirs within a week; sometimes the very next day. I keep you informed each step of the way so that you can decide how much time and money to invest and our rates are affordable. Your first search is offered at No Find – No Fee. Contact us.

Are You a Mineral Owner?

If you wish to locate and confer with distant family members who co-own the rights, we can help—quickly and affordably. When an offer to lease has been received or is anticipated, we can find all your cousins for you. Contact us.