Andrea Avery

  • Andrea Avery

A genealogist for over 40 years, Andrea began her personal genealogy journey as a preteen with her grandmother. As an adult she took this passion for research to a professional level. As a 6th generation Texan and West Texas native and resident, it was a logical step to use her genealogy skills in the oil business as a petroleum landman. Later, when she relocated to the Austin, Texas area, she became a professional genealogist. These two careers complimented each other. Petroleum land work taught her about land research and probate, which are so helpful in genealogy research; and genealogy taught her how to follow documentary trails in mineral owner research.

Highlights of her experience and education:

  • 40 years as a genealogist and researcher, researching families around the world; over 10 years as a professional genealogist. Her specialty is Texas and Southern research, with a focus on the Civil War era.
  • Earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Communication from the University of Texas at Austin, with a minor in English.
  • Past member of the National Association of Division Order Analysts.
  • 10 years as petroleum landman specializing in “hard to find” mineral owners and heirships in Midland, Texas. She located mineral owners for a variety of oil companies, including Permian Corporation and Gulf/Chevron.