Jaymie Frederick

  • Alice Aber

Jaymie has been involved in helping reunite families separated by adoption since 1994 when she searched for and found the son she had relinquished in 1975 and she trained under some of the top adoption researchers in the USA. She started assisting others in the adoption triad to find the missing person in their life. Using her experience from a career in law enforcement she found that putting together the puzzle pieces that led to the location of missing people came rather easy.

She quickly built a business and has assisted in over 5000 missing persons and adoption cases, including several for television production companies that  aired on television. During her spare time she started building her own family tree. She was able to overcome some of the obstacles that had stumped various family members who had researched in the past discovering much more than names and dates in her family story. She traveled extensively combing through courthouses, libraries and people’s memories to take her family back more than seven generations. She is still working on various lines when time allows. Jaymie adds, “Having worked with Juli Claussen on several adoption searches in the past I was thrilled to become a member of her research team.”


  •  21 years of genealogical research experience.
  • Associate’s Degree Criminal Justice, Walter State Community College.
  •  Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Police certification..
  •  Federal certification on NCIC, (National Crime Information Computer) NCIS (National Crime Information Statistics).
  •  Studied Law at University of Tennessee Knoxville, Vanderbilt Law Nashville, TN.
  •  Certified Paralegal for SE Paralegal, Nashville TN, 1986.
  • Editorial Board member, Gowen Research Foundation.